What a weekend of NFL games we had this weekend. Games that saw 49ers get past the saints, ravens beat the texans, patriots blow out the broncos and finally the giants put a back alley beating on the packers. All the games had great meaning. But, what if they were decided before they were played? Sure, why would the NFL risk millions of dollars fixing the outcome of the games. They have to much to lose right. Well ,I say wrong. The first thing any NFL employee will tell you is”this is a business”. Every business takes a risk, why wouldn’t the NFL. Besides, it has millions of loyal followers that will never walk away. Last week the NFL showed you just how fixed the league was during the wild card round. During the Bengals Texans game the bengals were in a 4th down punt formation and the announcer talked for at least 20 seconds about how they were in formation to go for it on 4th down. Seconds later the texans call a timeout and after the time out the bengals bring the offense back on the field to go for it. They didn’t make it..well, because they sucked. But it almost seemed as if the bengals had broken the script of the game and it had to be fixed. But, if that is not enough for you. Micheal Irvin was featured in a commercial that ran for the next round of games,which would have been at the time the divisional round. The ad featured photos of the broncos, texans, saints and giants. The add ran before the first game kicked off Saturday and ran until the final game sunday night. All the teams in the ad went on to win. Just dumb luck i guess. Well not so fast, This weeks games kicked off on Saturday at 4:30est and the commercial started running this time for next weeks championship week. This ad featured the ravens, patriots, 49ers, and the giants. The packers were not mentioned in the ad. The best team in the NFL not shown, weird.   Well guess who went on to win the games, yes all the teams featured in the add. It won’t suprise me if the ravens went to the super bowl this year. After all the Visa win a trip to the super bowl commercial is littered with ravens garb, and one fan who is a patriots fan apoligizing to Bill Belichek for having to ware a ravens helmet to the Superbowl. The truth is the NFL is filled with to many storylines and underdog victorys and is no better than the WWE.    

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